Sometimes, however, that is not the case. You might have sinks with built-in countertops, or integrated sinks. These are becoming quite popular today for both kitchens and bathrooms, so you might want to know a little more about kitchen countertops with integrated sinks.


As you can probably guess, an integrated sink (sometimes called an integral sink) is a sink and countertop in one, typically made of one material.  For example, a granite integrated sink will have a sink actually hewn from granite. In many cases, the integrated sink is a cohesive or single piece. In other cases, the installer joins the countertop to the sink during installation and takes special care to make it appear seamless. The result is the same: a sleek and smooth look.

Integrated sinks are particularly appropriate for modern or contemporary kitchens and bathrooms, but they can also work with other designs. Quite a number of homeowners are looking to incorporate integrated sinks in their homes. However, an integrated sink is not all joy. You do have pros and cons that go with it. 


Many choices

Because integrated sinks can come in many materials, you have many choices. The most common types of integrated sinks are hewn or manufactured out of stone such as quartz, marble, and granite. You can also choose from a number of finishes, depending on your style and needs. You can also get integrated sinks in stainless steel, concrete, solid surfaces, and terrazzo.


You might be able to find integrated sinks designed to fit certain standard sizes, but in most cases, these are custom jobs. Bathrooms and kitchens tend to have peculiarities, so you have to specify the material, finish, size, shape, color, bowl style, and orientation of an integrated sink.

This is a good thing, as you have the opportunity to express your personality and have something unique in your home at the same time. There is practically an infinite permutation of choices for integrated sinks, so take full advantage.

Ties in the space

integrated sink with matching backsplash

The fact that an integrated sink is a sink and countertop in one makes cohesion inevitable in that space. That represents a big part of your space, so it is most likely that your integrated sink will be the focus of the design. This makes it much simpler to design the kitchen or bathroom.

Your biggest decisions outside the integrated sink are whether to match the rest of the room to it, or to complement it. You choice will dictate the selection of colors and textures for the walls, floors, appliances, and cabinets.

Easy to clean

The seamless construction of integrated sinks means no more hard to clean spaces associated with all types of standard sinks. There is always that nook or that cranny that your sponge, cloth, or brush simply cannot reach to remove accumulated gunk. With an integrated sink, these nook and crannies are non-existent, so cleaning the sink and countertop is much easier.

Looks expensive

An integrated sink looks elegant, and that usually means expensive. If you want to dress to impress, choosing an integrated sink for your kitchen and bathroom is definitely a good way to go. If you really want to impress, choose one made from a luxury material such as marble, especially for bathrooms. 


It is expensive

When we said it looked elegant and thus expensive, we were not kidding. An integrated sink will cost much more than a standard sink and countertop of the same material, no matter what you choose.

Integrated sinks of materials such as solid surface and stainless steel are not prohibitively expensive, but those made from natural stones are definitely luxury items. This is because granite and marble integrated sinks will have to come from blocks of stone rather than slabs, so suppliers hew them at the source.  Aside from the amount of material required to make them, there is also transportation costs to consider.

Everything is connected

quartz countertop with integrated sink

The best thing about integrated sinks is also its worst feature when the time comes to replace either the sink or the countertop. It could be a design decision, or the solution to some type of irreparable damage. In any case, you will have to remove and replace the entire thing, and probably employ a professional to do it.

Staining and scratching might be issues

marble sink and countertop in bathroom

The integrate sink uses the same material for the countertop and sink, so if you choose material that is vulnerable to scratches and stains, it will affect both the sink and countertop. This is not usually the case with standard sinks.

For example, marble and concrete are both porous, and may stain quite easily. You could end up with a badly stained and unattractive sink as many stain-inducing substances end up there. You can avoid it by sealing the sinks regularly, but the maintenance can be onerous. 


Integrated sinks are an appealing and trendy option for kitchens today, and have many pros compared to cons. However, you need to have a clear uanderstanding of what you are getting before you decide to get one for your home. Keystone Granite & Tile can help you make the right choice in the areas of Columbus, Ohio, Delaware cities, Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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