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Silestone® is a registered brand of quartz countertops. It is made up of 94% natural quartz, to which resin and dyes are added during manufacture. The Silestone® tagline is it is the “original quartz surface for kitchens and bathrooms countertops and sinks.” In any case, it is certainly one of the leading brands of quartz countertops in the US, and it is the only engineered stone with Bacteriostatic Protection.
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Silestone Features

Many people prefer natural stone simply because it is natural. While there is much to be said about the uniqueness of natural stone such as granite and marble, engineered stones also have a lot to offer in terms of versatility and availability. It doesn’t mean that because it is not completely natural that it is inferior in quality and esthetic appeal. Silestone® is a good example of a high-quality engineered stone that rivals natural stone in terms of looks and functionality. Here are some facts about Silestone®.

The product makes for high-quality kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities in a large range of designs based on your choice of three textures (polished, matte and extra-rugged, plus any combination of the three) and more than 60 colors. It offers a vast number of decorative possibilities, ranging from a show-stopping kitchen countertop top to gorgeous fixtures and floor tiles. The possibilities are endless.


Silestone® is the only quartz compound that provides Bacteriostatic Protection. It is an antibacterial formula developed by Cosentino using the latest generation silver ion technology. It helps prevent the growth of bacteria that may be present in food preparation areas and other kitchen work surfaces. This is a hygienic feature not found anywhere else on the market.


Silestone® is harder than any other solid surface material, including granite. This resistance is due to the quantity of quartz in its composition, the elasticity of the polyester resin elasticity, and the vibrocompression system used in its manufacture. Silestone® is a compound of natural quartz, which rates a 7 in the Mohs hardness scale.

Because of its resilience, it is possible to install longer lengths of stone without having to break it up into numerous joints. Fewer joints mean a smoother look, and a lower risk of liquid seepage at the joints. It can also withstand impact with pots, pans, and other hard objects that may chip or break other types of solid surfaces. This makes it an excellent material for kitchen countertops and other workspaces, floors, bathrooms, and exterior wall cladding.
In addition, it has a non-porous surface that needs no sealing, and it is highly resistant to staining. It will take little hurt from spilled coffee, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, wine, makeup, toothpaste, and many other substances that may stain materials that are more porous.

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Silestone® is maintenance free. Because it is non-porous and has Bacteriostatic Protection, it does not need any special cleaning products or attention. It does not even need sealing. A daily wipe down with a clean dry cloth should keep it looking like new for many years to come. You can also use a mild detergent for countertops with a polished finish. Dried on spills and stains can be removed by soaking the area in a detergent solution for a few minutes and scrubbing it off with a non-scratch pad. Silestone® is heat resistant, but it is still best to use trivets for hot pots and pans to avoid thermal shock.

Value Added To The Home

Generally, putting in a stone countertop will add value to the home to at least by as much as the cost of putting them in. There is no consensus on how much value countertops will add to a home, but there is a general agreement that the house will sell faster with it than without it. In addition, Silestone® is the only brand that gives a written 25-year certified warranty for its product that is transferable. This means that the warranty is in effect no matter who owns the property as long as it is registered in the name of the new owner on the Silestone® website. This is a major selling point that homeowners are sure to appreciate .