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Keystone Marble and Granite

Keystone Marble and Granite is one of New Castle’s top marble and granite suppliers. Moreover, we have a combined experience of 25 years among our fabricators and installers.

We offer a massive selection of natural stones: granite, quartzite, and marble. Besides, as an accredited distributor of the most popular brands of engineered stone, we work with well-known brands, such as Silestone, Ceasarstone, Cambria, Hanstone, and LG.

As Keystone Marble and Granite, we genuinely believe that quality, style, functionality, and affordability can be brought together. With this motivation, we offer competitive pricing and supply one-stop shopping to our customers, as well as a very rapid turnaround time for templating and installation.
We are proud to be able to offer the widest selection of high-performance slabs at our countertop store in New Castle, DE.

Our Products

We offer widest selection of high-performance countertop surfaces.


Granite Collections

As one of the most elegant natural countertop materials, marble will definitely add value to your home. If you wish to beautify their interior with the peerless look of marble, you should check out our marble slabs in New Castle. 


Marble Collections

As one of the most elegant natural countertop materials, marble will add value to your home. If you wish to beautify their interior with the peerless look of marble, you should check out our marble slabs in New Castle. 


Quartz Collections

As a manufactured material, quartz is one of the most durable stones you can utilize as a countertop material.  Quartz countertop colors in New Castle have a distinctive shimmer due to the patented process of the manufacturer.

Super White Quartzite

Quartzite Collection

With its stunning beauty and exceptional durability, quartzite is a perfect natural countertop material that combines style and functionality. Along with its easy maintenance compared to many other natural stones, quartzite also ensures longevity thanks to its resistance to heat, UV lights, stains, and scratching.  If you want to beautify your kitchen design with this unique stone, check out our quartzite countertops collection available in New Castle. 



If you are looking for a well-trusted brand that provides perfect alternatives for kitchen and bathroom countertops, you should see the Silestone collection we offer in New Castle. Offering the best design and reliability, Silestone is known for its achievement in creating durable, easy-to-maintain, and inspirational quartz countertops. We are confident that you will find various options suitable among Silestone's wide selection that offers unlimited quartz countertop colors in New Castle, DE.

Quartz Cloudy Gold

Paragon Exotic Stones

Paragon Exotic Stones excels in crafting stunning quartz countertops that combine durability with beautiful design. Each countertop reflects the craftsmanship and embodies beauty, resilience, and practicality that define Paragon Exotic Stones.

Why Choose Keystone Marble and Granite?


We have been in business since 2006. During these years, we have managed to bring experience, vision, and quality craftsmanship together and offer meticulous solutions for our customers.

Environmentally Friendly

We are well aware of our role in protecting nature, which is why we dedicate ourselves to making eco-conscious decisions. Hence, we use environmentally friendly materials and recycle the waste stone to create brand-new countertops. 


We do our best to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by offering the finest quality products and excellent services at affordable prices.

Affordable Services

Along with offering the best products, we also ensure affordability for our customers in the middle of a bathroom or kitchen renovation in New Castle.

Quick Turnaround

Our experts provide an exceptional "Quick Turnaround" service because we wish to keep your busy schedule in mind and plan the entire process accordingly.

Highly-Trained Staff

Each member of our well-experienced team gives great importance to doing their job in the best way possible because they are highly motivated to realize the dream projects that our customers have in their minds.

The Countertop Sale Process


Initial Consultation

Getting a full quote is as easy as a phone call or an e-mail! You can even stop by our warehouse to receive pricing. Know that our highly trained staff is waiting to answer any questions you might have regarding your project. Besides, you can always stop by our full slab warehouse to see what we have in stock and get a feel of exactly what kind of material you are looking for.

Laser Templating

Once your contract is signed and a deposit is placed, our team will be able to schedule your template and installation dates. A technician from our team will stop by to take the final measurements via laser templating.


Once your template is ready, the final measurements will be sent to our facility to prepare your slab according to your project. Depending on which material you went with, you may be able to see your final slab. Be sure to confirm with a sales representative.


Prioritizing 100% customer satisfaction, we love the idea of being there for our customers from the start to the end of their projects. We finalize the process with our professional installation performed with great attention and care. Our well-experienced installation team will come to install your brand-new countertops while maintaining all industry safety protocols. After that, all that is left to you is to enjoy your brand-new design with your loved ones!

Our Services

Kitchen Countertops and
Bathroom Vanity Tops

Once you get your vanity tops and kitchen countertops from Keystone Marble and Granite, you will immediately fall in love with our products' durability, safety, practicality, and beauty. 

Acknowledging the fact that kitchens are the most high-traffic areas in houses, we offer durable, easy-to-maintain, and functional kitchen countertops that can pursue high performance for years to come. 

Since bathroom vanities are constantly subject to humidity and liquid spills, even if they are not used as much as kitchen countertops, we ensure resistance to bacterial growth and stains for our bathroom vanities. Reach out to learn more about our extensive collection of bathroom vanity tops in New Castle, DE. 

Get a Free Quote

It is easy to get a free quote from Keystone Marble and Granite! All you have to do is to provide one of our sales representatives with the dimensions of your kitchen and the stone selections you're interested in from our warehouse. They will then have your free quote done in just a few minutes!

Commercial Projects

We have been growing our reputation with our successful commercial countertop projects for years. We are genuinely proud to ensure a detailed examination of a commercial project's requirements, enabling us to perform perfectly. Thanks to our years of experience in the field, we know the importance of good communication with the customer as well as quality craftsmanship, products, and services. It is our joy to be a part of a perfectly actualized commercial project with our products and services. 

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