What You Need to Know Before You Install Marble Countertops

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If you are aiming to install polished marble bathroom countertops, it is best to stop for a moment and read this article to learn more of the benefits and gripes about manufactured marble countertops.

The best marble countertops out there is an exceptional candidate for making a statement in your residential and commercial renovation. The exquisite and exotic aesthetics of marble exudes a pristine appeal in your kitchen and bathroom.

Before making that call to hire our professionals, we are going to share with you some of the essential properties of natural marble slabs.

What is Marble?

Marble stone is naturally made from limestone which has undergone extreme heat and pressure. The overall impact of this process is the unique veining patterns and specks of colors around the slabs’ background.

Because it is mostly made from carbonate compounds, marble readily reacts with acidic solutions and causes etching. This is something pretty natural for a marble, but if you want to get rid of this, you can go for our engineered marble countertops.

What Are the Colors Available?

In our showroom, we have a substantial collection of different types of marble countertops. Some of the common colors of marble slabs include white, black, pink, red, beige, and green. Choosing the best color depends on your preference, but if you are having a difficult time, you can lean on our professionals to select the most suitable design and hue for your remodeling.

When it comes to modern themes, our stark white marble countertops is a winner. Most customers choose this one because it amplifies the brightness and sophisticated appeal in their kitchen and bathroom. This hue pairs well with earth-tone colors for your accessories, furniture, and cabinetry. 

In contrast, other popular marble colors include black, beige, and green. Black marble countertops make a good contrast and focal point when paired with your white or pale-colored cabinetry. Likewise, stainless steel finish from fixtures and accessories blends well with black marble.

What Marble Finish Suits You?

Well, we offer two finishes for your marble countertops, that is, polished and matte. Choosing which finish best suits you entails a few considerations and it must blend well with the existing theme in your kitchen and bathroom. 

Polished Marble Countertops

When you want a sophisticated and expensive look in your kitchen and bathroom, then going for a glossy marble finish is an excellent choice. The mirror-like appearance of its surface reflects light inside your kitchen and bath.

With proper care and maintenance, you can effortlessly keep the shiny and exuberant appearance of your marble bathroom and kitchen countertops. Moreover, we recommend a glossy finish for areas where there is low-traffic and exposure with acidic spills.

Honed or Matte Marble Countertops

If you have a high-traffic kitchen countertop, then getting a honed finish marble is a good choice. With this, you are able to hide the minor scratch and dents caused by sharp objects and acidic liquids in your countertop.

A hone marble floor is also suitable for bathrooms and other high-traffic areas in your house because it prevents slipping. For skimpy bathrooms, we advise our clients to use large marble tiles or slabs to give an impression of a wide space.

Does Marble Countertops Require Sealing?

Marble stones are naturally porous like granite. When you are planning to install manufactured marble countertops, our professionals will apply a sufficient amount of sealants before installation. With that, we are increasing its anti-stain trait so it will be easier on your part to clean and maintain.

Aside from increasing its ability to resist stains, with sealing, we are also increasing its ability to resist bacteria and mildews from penetrating and growing around its mineral pores. Overall, you get to enjoy the fancy appearance of marble without less things to think about.

What Are Ways of Cutting Marble Slabs?

Truth to be told, marble slabs do not come very cheap even if we offer the best price in the market. That taken into consideration, most homeowners would hire a professional for the customization and installation of natural and engineered marble countertops.

For additional knowledge, we will share the two main ways of cutting your marble slabs – cross cut and vein cut.

Fleuri or Cross Cut

This is done by cutting the marble slab in an angled perpendicular direction. This method takes advantage of the distraction of the veining patterns of your marble slabs. It is also called an “open-flowered” cutting pattern.

Striato or Vein Cut

In contrast, this type of cut is done alongside or parallel with the direction of the slabs’ veining pattern. Vein cut creates wide and clean pieces of marble slabs for your remodeling.

Final Words

Despite the hefty price of the best marble countertops, people are still buying it because of its timeless elegance and return on investment for those trying to sell their property. As your marble countertop ages, you will surely fall in love with its rich natural patina which exudes Earthly warmth in your space.

If you are looking for the best and varied supply of marble slabs for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, you can call us today or visit our showroom.

We offer a fair rate and affordable price for the fabrication, customization, and installation of marble and stone countertops for your residential and commercial properties.

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