The best granite countertops can totally make a quick facelift in the aesthetics of your kitchen and bathroom renovations. It can serve as the focal point in the area with a thicker slab catching more attention.

Despite its impervious strength and elegance, you need to have proper cleaning and sealing maintenance to any types of granite countertops. Caution is the main word when cleaning your granite kitchen countertops. To further know how to preserve its optimal condition, here are our tips.

1. Daily and Weekly Cleaning Regimen

Allocating five minutes of your time won’t be so hard to daily wipe off dust and spills in your granite countertops. In doing so, you have to avoid steel wool or any abrasive pads in wiping off its surface because it can destroy the sealant film covering its pores.

Make sure to use a soft microfiber cloth in wiping off debris, dust, and spills which can dull its surface. Likewise, avoid using your countertop as storage space for spices and acidic solutions for cooking like vinegar and lime. These things can reduce the available working space in your granite kitchen countertop.

2. Use Mild Soap Solution and Warm Water

Inline with your daily and weekly cleaning routine, you can simply use a mild or neutral soap solution in cleaning stains and grime in your granite countertop. Use lukewarm water for rinsing and wipe dry with a soft and clean microfiber. This process can take around 5 to 10 minutes of your time which is never bad at all. 

3. Diluted Isopropyl Alcohol

Once you are done cleaning the surface with soap and lukewarm water, the next step is disinfection. The simplest way of disinfecting your granite kitchen countertop is using a diluted solution of isopropyl alcohol.

Granite has its innate antibacterial properties but you can still reinforce that by doing active disinfection in your regular cleaning chore. We never encourage our clients to use bleaching solutions to disinfect their granite countertops as it can ruin the sealant covering of granite.

4. Dealing with Stains

Never panic when you see stains in your granite kitchen countertop because they are tons of ways to remove it. For instance, you can use baking soda powder to remove all sorts of stains but mostly light ones in your granite countertop.

Oftentimes, water-ring stains is common to granite counters but you can easily deal with this by using baking soda and small drops of hydrogen peroxide. Use microfiber in rubbing the stained area.

Meanwhile, oils from coming from your food and cooking oils can stain your countertop. To efficiently remove it, you can still use dilute baking soda solution on the stained area and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

5. Check for Anti-Porous Trait

Annually, you have to check on the anti-porous feature of your granite countertops to avoid problems with stains and bacteria. A practical way of testing it is by dropping water on the surface and observe it the water has been absorbed or not.

When the water seeps through the surface of your granite kitchen countertop, it means you need to have your sealing maintenance already.

6. Performing Annual Sealing

Manufactured granite countertops are naturally porous but not as much as marble. This is the main reason why you need to have annual sealing maintenance for your best granite countertops. You have two options of doing it – topical and impregnating sealants.

For topical sealants, that is applied on the surface for any types of granite countertops. The protection layer is just on top and very easy to apply. The main setback would it is easier to peel off through time.

Meanwhile, impregnating sealants entail dipping your granite countertop so that the substance penetrates through the pores and seals it off. This process requires time and effort but the outcome is great when you want an enhanced anti-stain and antibacterial properties.

For our clients, we always recommend impregnating sealants because it has better results compared to topical sealants.

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