Oyster White Marble

Product Details:
Background Color: White
Vein Color: Gray-Beige
Size: 113x68 inch
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polish
Country: Italy

Oyster White marble is frequently recommended for floors, walls, and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms by designers. With flamboyant patterns of dark charcoal, light gray, and white bursts of Oyster White marble, you may catch a more contemporary and sophisticated appearance for your design. This type of stone is more alluring when illuminated because it has extraordinary depth and contrast. Besides, it is resistant to heat and stain, another incontrovertible advantage for choosing Oyster White marble. As Keystone Marble and Granite, we are ready to provide top-quality products and services. Please visit our website for direct assistance for more information about Oyster White Marble.

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