Choosing Kitchen Countertops with the Highest ROI

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The top consideration for most kitchen remodeling is the countertops. They are visually prominent and add considerable value to the home with the right material. Their appearance aside, kitchen countertops serve many functions in the home. It needs to be just the right fit for your lifestyles and the way you use your kitchen.

It is not always easy to get form and function in equal measure, but it is possible with the various materials available for kitchen countertops. The real question is if the material you choose has a good return on investment. Here are some facts you need for choosing kitchen countertops with the highest ROI.

Money down

It would be useless to talk about the ROI when you might not be able to afford the countertops you want in the first place. You should put money down solely for your countertops from your remodeling budget. Please note that cost of your countertops can vary greatly depending on the material you choose, so leave some wiggle room in the funds you earmark for them.

You might be tempted to choose the cheapest alternatives out there because you have a small budget. However, the cost should not be your only consideration. You have to assess the type of countertops you need for your lifestyle. You also have to consider the need for a kitchen island and backsplashes.  The material needs to be reliable and durable, so that they will last a long time.

You might want to confine yourself to materials with proven resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and other types of physical stresses. This will ensure any money you spend on them will be worth it. The following facts will help you in choosing kitchen countertops with the highest ROI for you.


Quartz is an engineered material that has lately captured the approval of many designers and homeowners. It can look like natural stone such as marble, granite, and soapstone, but it is very durable and low maintenance.

Quartz countertops are also available in a wide range of colors and designs. Finding one that matches your kitchen design is easy. You can purchase your quartz countertops from an authorized distributor, and you can expect to pay per square foot between $55 and $155. They are available in slabs, which are the most expensive, and tiles, which are more affordable. 

The problem with quartz stone is that it is a little brittle and prone to chipping. You can avoid that by choosing rounded edge profiles instead of sharp ones. Quartz is also not resistant to heat over 360 degrees Celsius.


Granite is an all-time favorite when it comes to kitchen countertops. It is a natural stone with robust colors and visible veins and crystals.

Granite is resistant to temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius, which is more than most kitchens are able to generate. As such, it is ideal for kitchen use. It is also very durable, resistant to scratches and chips, so you can choose square and other sharp edge profiles for your countertops.

You can expect to pay per square foot anywhere from $39 to $200. However, you can save some money by finding countertop specialists that include fabrication and installation costs in their packages. .

The only downside to granite is that some types have a certain level of porosity. This means that without proper sealing, it could stain quite easily.  In most cases, sealing it once is enough, although you should check periodically if the seal is intact using the water bead test.


Marble countertops are a luxury item in most people’s minds. But, it is not very expensive at all. Marble is also a natural stone with a delicate beauty that many people find irresistible. The most common color is white, although it is available in other colors as well such as blue, gray, pink, yellow, and black.

Most people think marble is as delicate as it looks, but it is actually a very hardy stone. It can handle heat and rain equally well, developing a distinctive patina over time. Many statues and marble fountains can attest to this fact.

You can expect to pay between $40 and $250 per square foot of marble countertops, installed. You can keep your costs low by choosing the more common types of marble. Most people cannot tell the difference, and the price is a reflection of the rarity of the stone, not the quality. Cheaper marble slabs will last just as long and look just as beautiful as the most expensive ones.


Laminate countertops are actually quite popular, although you might not realize they are laminate at once. The laminate material can look like anything, from marble to stainless steel, so you can only tell it is laminate once you touch it or examine it closely. It is available in a seemingly endless variety of colors and designs.

Laminate is a surface made of layers of paper or cloth over engineered wood or wood composite and sandwiched between protective layers of plastic. It is quite affordable and easy to install, which is why it is a favorite with many DIY enthusiasts. You can expect to pay per square foot between $15 and $40, which is quite a bargain until you consider you can get granite countertops from Keystone Granite for just $39 per square foot, installed.

You also have to consider laminate is not heat resistant at all, and it is quite flimsy. You can scratch it quite easily with any metal implement. You also have to consider that laminate countertops will not do anything for the value of your home. On the flip side, you can change the look of your kitchen on a whim by simple replacing the laminate of your kitchen countertops. If you care nothing for the value added to your home with your kitchen countertops, laminate is a practical choice.


Choosing kitchen countertops with the highest ROI requires looking at not only the costs, but also the value added to the home. This usually ties in to it appearance, durability, heat resistance, and scratch resistance. The materials discussed above are the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. If you want to know more about them, ask the experts.

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