The guest bathroom needs to be nice, if not great. It will guests and potential homebuyers a good impression of the homeowner, and perhaps get a glimpse of a personality at work. The guest bathroom is a good vehicle for unique designs, as it is not subject to vigorous use as a regular bathroom typically. Upgrading the guest bathroom with awesome colors for bathroom countertops is an easy and cost effective way to do this, and it can inspire the colors for the rest of the room. Here are some great suggestions.

The blues

dark blue bathroom countertops

If you are lucky enough to have a large guest bathroom, you can afford to choose darker colors as you have less of a need to create the illusion of space. Navy blue bathroom countertops would make a good start, and you can follow through with that with nautical-themed accessories.

You can also go the elegant route and go with gilt mirrors, vintage light fixtures, and cut crystal bottles of lotion and so on. If your bathroom countertops have shots of other colors, you can pick up on that with your choice of accessories, décor, or wall paint. 

Sand and water

bathroom with blue-and-white tiles and granite countertop

A day at the beach is a great theme for the guest bathroom as well. Granite comes in many colors, including yellow that can represent sand. You can then go with Mediterranean blue and white tiles for the walls to represent the sea and waves, and make a big finish with a fancy seashell backsplash. You can also get creative with accessories to carry over the “by the sea” feel of your guest bathroom. At the very least, you will have fun completing this upgrade.

Shades of pink

flamingo print wallpaper

Not many people can visualize flamingoes in bathrooms, but that is why it is a bold suggestion for guest bathrooms. The shades of pink in flamingo wallpaper are a great foil for pink or white marble countertops for your vanity, especially if the wallpaper has a dark background. You can create a whole tableau for nature in your guest bathroom by putting in small tufted plants in front of a decorative mirror. 

You will not have to worry too much about the wallpaper peeling as guest bathrooms are much less humid than regular bathrooms. However, you can also go another route by using appliqués on existing walls to create your personal flamboyance of flamingoes.


bathroom in a solid color, not white

You might have noticed that most guest bathrooms are monochromatic, and usually white. You can go with this tendency to use one color to great effect as long as you avoid white. In fact, go as bold as you feel comfortable with in your choice of color to make an impression.

Granite and quartz countertops come in a wide variety of colors, and some of them are quite striking. Look through the available slabs for something that catches your eye, such as fiery red, brilliant blue, or burnt orange. You can use the bathroom countertops to inspire the colors you use for the wall and floor. Choose pewter, brass, or wood fixtures to accent your primary color.

Black and gold

bathroom with black tile

A black bathroom is no longer the oddity it once was, and combining it with gold is the best way to elevate a great guest bathroom into an awesome one. Granite, marble, and quartz countertops are available in black, although seldom a solid color for marble and granite. This can work in your favor if you can find a slab with shots of gold, as this would tie in nicely with the gold elements in your guest bathroom. You can also choose to go with solid black quartz countertops.

A black and gold bathroom is bound to make a hit with your guests, especially if you choose a gorgeous stone for it. You can choose to go shiny or matte with the gold elements, or have a combination of the two finishes. This will give your design depth as well as tone down the glitz. Keep embellishments to a minimum as the black and gold combo is dramatic enough. Choose a plain mirror instead of a fancy one, and install iron pendant lights instead of a chandelier.

Stone and wood

bathroom with wooden floors

Granite or marble countertops work well with wood, so you might want to upgrade your guest bathroom with wood floors. These can work well in a guest bathroom with no shower facility, as you do not have to worry too much about water damage. The effect is also quite attractive, as it is nature at its best. You can opt for hardwood floors, or you can go the eco-friendly route with recycled timber.  Carry the point even further and replace your toilet for a low flush one and your lights for energy-saving LED strips or rods. Granite tile backsplashes and walls might also work well with this theme.


bathroom with large mosaic tiles

Bathroom countertops in a solid color can look a bit boring, but it provides the perfect counterfoil for mosaic tiles. Mosaic tile designs range from conventional to fantastical, so choose the one that jives with your personal taste. You can choose from glitzy mirror tiles, damask patterns, shades of the same color of your countertops, and multicolored tiles that come perilously close to art pieces in its gorgeousness. Consult with your countertop specialist for recommendations for your chosen slab. .


Bathroom countertops are central to guest bathrooms, so using it as the inspiration for its design is a natural act. Fortunately, you have many choices when it comes to granite, marble, and quartz countertops, so you can be sure you will find one that tickles your fancy.  If you are unsure, you can always consult with a reliable countertop specialist in your area.

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