Add Tuscan Style to Your Kitchen with a Granite Countertop

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One of the most appealing things about Tuscany is the inviting warmth it offers to residents and guests alike. You can add that same warm and inviting style to your kitchen by adding elements inspired by that area of the world, including archways, brick ceilings, terra cotta, and accessory details like copper pots, sage green cabinets, and granite countertops.

Granite countertops are more than a functional, essential element of your kitchen whether you are building a brand new home from the ground up or remodeling your current space. This breathtaking stone is a vision that can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen while lending that trademarked Tuscan feeling.

Tuscan Colors for Your Kitchen

When choosing a granite countertop color, think about the colors found in that region of the world. You might look at pictures of the Mediterranean, of fields of vineyards with rows of fat, purple grapes, or sunflowers like the ones that inspired Van Gogh to paint his classic masterpieces. Any of the following colors of granite countertop will lend a feeling of Tuscany to your family’s kitchen:

  • Brown Ocher – This shade of orange-yellow has hints of brown, as if tinged by iron.
  • Burnt Orange – This deep shade of orange-red is best described as a papaya tinted with rust.
  • Terra Cotta – Italian for “baked earth” this color looks just like it sounds, hardened clay.
  • Mellow Yellows – This yellow resembles the shade of pale gold silk, as the kind worn by royals.
  • Mediterranean Blues – This shade of blue resembles the Mediterranean in spring or summer.
  • Cloud Whites – This classic off white pairs nicely with any shade mentioned in the above list.

Adding Tuscan Textures to Your Kitchen

Kitchens that have a Tuscan style not only have the trademark colors of that desirable corner of the world, but they also have a wide range of specific textures. These textures include matte surfaces and distressed features. The style may also include reclaimed accessories that hint at a well-loved, lived-in look that exudes an inviting warmth. Everything about a Tuscan kitchen implies a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

When it comes to surfaces and textures that add a Tuscan feeling to your home, look no farther than granite countertops. Although the sleek, polished surface of granite kitchen counters look more modern than other Tuscan elements, their colors and patterns fit right into the theme. A brown speckled countertop can harken to the rich soil in Tuscan farmlands. White marbleized granite countertops look like wisps of clouds upon the upper elevations in that region.

Natural Light, Tile Floor, and Granite Countertops

Natural light is key to a Tuscan kitchen. When you add granite countertops, the surface of the stone is polished and protected with a sealant that leaves a reflective shine. Any natural light that enters into your kitchen will reflect off the granite countertops. Even though the countertops are sturdy stone, their ability to reflect light makes them the perfect element for a kitchen with traits of Tuscan style.

When choosing a color of granite countertop, be sure you take tile samples to the showroom. For example, if you have a floor covering of tile made from terra cotta clay, then you might not choose a dark green granite kitchen countertop. Try to go for a sandy, natural hued floor in a matte finish that is neutral and will complement any color of granite countertop.

A Tuscan Island in Your Family’s Kitchen

If you like the look of your existing kitchen, add a Tuscan island that boasts the elements described above. Top off the look with a slab of granite countertop. Even if you get the same granite countertop that runs the perimeter of your kitchen, you can change out the style by choosing a contrasting edge profile or layering one countertop atop another and then putting a separate edge on each one for a posh, elegant look found in high end homes and businesses.

Another way to add Tuscan style to an existing kitchen is with a granite backsplash. The glossy, gleaming surface, as with a granite countertop, will reflect the natural light in your family’s kitchen. Natural light is an instant mood booster, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, and if sourced from the sun through windows and skylights also provides a boost of Vitamin D.

If you plan to renovate your kitchen or are designing a kitchen for a brand new home, consider all the ways that granite countertops might benefit the function, aesthetics, and desirability of the space – especially if you plan to add additional elements to adopt a laid back, Tuscan style.