Quite a few bathrooms have no bathroom vanities, let alone bathroom countertops. This is mostly because of space constraints, as bathroom countertops presupposes a significant surface area relative to the overall space of the bathroom, which tend to be on the small side. However, many homeowners are beginning to appreciate the value of larger bathrooms and the functionality offered by bathroom countertops, resulting in more bathrooms renovated to achieve both.

That said, many people seek to cut on costs by choosing cheap materials for bathroom countertops. This is understandable, as they have many options available, and bathroom countertops do not have to be as durable as kitchen countertops.

While granite, marble, or quartz countertops in the bathroom have proven to be a much better return on investment than these cheaper alternatives, it pays to know about all your options. Here is a rundown of cheap materials for bathroom countertops.


laminate bathroom countertops

Laminate countertops have been around for a long time, but early designs were quite unattractive. These countertops had metal clamps at the edges to keep the various layers of the particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF) core and plastic sheets together. The colors and designs were also tacky, so it was cheap and looked it.

Today, laminate countertops from the best brands look much better. They no longer have those unsightly metal sidings, and they look enough like the materials they are trying to mimic, such as marble, granite, wood, leather, and stainless steel, to fool most people. Closer inspection will reveal the truth, but most people do not bother to inspect them anyway.

Laminated countertops come in a very wide range of styles and colors. You can get them as ready-to-cut countertops that you can customize to fit the available space in your bathroom. They are also available from some remodeling companies as a custom job, and even specify complex edge treatments.

High-end laminate countertops cost more than those early models and might cost more than you would expect. You can pay upwards of $10 per square foot for ready-made countertops and upwards of $40 for custom products. Considering granite countertops from Keystone Granite & Tile go for as low as $50 per square foot, installed, laminate countertops would seem less attractive.

Laminate countertops naturally do not have the durability and feel of stone countertops, even if it looks closely like one. It is a lightweight material, which is a good thing if you want to DIY installation, but it will not last for very long with regular use. People are aware of this, so prospective buyers are not likely to be impressed with your laminate countertops, no matter how good it looks.

You might justify using laminate countertops for powder rooms, which do not get that much use anyway. It is also a good option when you need to do a quick upgrade for an open house, and you don’t have the time to put in granite or marble countertops.

Ceramic tiles

ceramic tile bathroom countertops

Most bathrooms a decade ago had ceramic tiles as bathroom countertops. While ceramic tiles are still a mainstay for floors and bathrooms, it had become all but obsolete in any self-respective bathroom for bathroom countertops. Despite the availability of some trendy designs, most people find ceramic tile countertops cheap.

A good thing about ceramic tile countertops is ease of installation. Any DIYer with some masonry skills can install them, and the investment is low enough to justify experimentation. The materials for your ceramic tile countertops will set you back just $2 per square foot, unless you go for the pricier, handmade ones that cost $200 or more per square foot. That is, if you do installation yourself. If you get a pro to do it, the per-square-foot price can jump up to $35. Not such a bargain anymore, that.

That said, ceramic tile countertops are typically easy to maintain, so they are a good choice for public bathrooms and those used by careless teenagers and small children. The grout can become a big problem over time however, so make sure you apply grout sealer regularly to prevent stains.

Solid surfaces

Solid surface had a good run for residential use in the 60s when it first came out. It remains a good choice now for bathroom countertops. Solid surface is a combination of acrylic and polyester resin, and the best ones look very much like natural stone.

The main advantage of solid surface countertops is that it is DIY friendly. It may look like stone, but it is much softer. You can cut it with ordinary tools, so you can fabricate and install solid surface countertops for your bathroom without having to hire a profession. It is also non-porous, stain-resistant, and low maintenance. You can use it for bathrooms used by children and teenagers.

The problem is you can only buy solid surface slabs from an authorized distributor, and they usually require that you pay them to install it for you. Since that means paying anywhere from $45 per square foot, that makes it less than cheap. Solid surface countertops are also not resistant to heat, so you must be careful about where you put the blow dryer you just used.


While quartz and granite are still the best materials for bathroom countertops on most levels, other materials are also viable options. However, if you want something that will have a better return on investment over the long term, call Keystone Granite & Tile if you are in the areas of Columbus, Ohio, Delaware cities, Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are experts at fabricating and installing granite and quartz countertops, so you can be confident that you will get the very best in product and service quality.

We have showrooms in Lancaster and Horsham, Pennsylvania as well as New Castle, Delaware and Columbus, Ohio. We will walk you through each slab and explain how each can benefit you in your kitchen or bathroom remodel. If you prefer quartz stones, we also carry the top brands in the industry such as Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and MSI, all with manufacturer warranties.

Once you have chosen your slabs, we provide free professional design consultation and quotes, so you know exactly where you are before committing. We also have a quick turnaround, so you will get your products on time and on budget.

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