A Quick Rundown of Edge Options for Countertops

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Choosing new countertops for the bathroom or kitchen involve many factors. You might focus much of your time on one or two things, such as the material, but chances are you will only give a couple of minutes choosing the edge treatment. Most people overlook the edge profile until they see the countertops installed, and understand that they should have given the available option more consideration.

The importance of the countertop edges is mostly esthetic. In most cases, the edge profile you choose can subtly change the overall look of the countertops and room. A square edge emphasizes simplicity, while a fancy premium edge enhances the look of luxury or elegance. Of course, the edge treatment should also consider the people with daily contact with it. If you have small children, you might want to avoid sharp angles and choose a rounder, safer edge treatment to prevent injuries.

Keep in mind that you can choose any type of edge profile for natural stones such as granite and marble because the stone supplier fabricates it before installation. When it comes to quartz and other types of engineered stone, however, your edge profile options are limited to what the manufacturers offer. This is because the edge profile is included in the manufacturing process, and not fabricated after.

The following are some of the most popular edge treatments available for bathroom and kitchen countertops.


The square edge is the most common of edge profiles because it is the simplest and most affordable to do for natural stones. Fabricators add softening cuts called kerfs to keep the edges from chipping and being too sharp, so it is relatively safe even with small children.

You want to choose a square edge if you are looking for a minimalist look. It is also a good pairing with a particularly bold or striking stone slabs, as you will not need to draw any more attention to it.

This simple edge is attractive in its way, and you can choose one of two variations. One is the eased edge, where the top edge is slight rounder than the bottom edge. Another is the combination square and waterfall. This edge treatment dips slightly before segueing into a waterfall.


A beveled or chamfer edge profile is another classic style. In this treatment, the top part of the stone has a 45-degree cut. In some instances, the cut is at bottom edge as well to make a double bevel. The reason for the bevel cut back in the day was to expose the interior of the stone, proving that it was real stone all the way. That is no longer the case now, as laminate countertops and engineered stones come with bevel edge profiles.

Some styles include a combination of beveled edges with other edge profiles, making for a much more elaborate treatment. You can also choose to change the angle and extent of the bevel. The most common ones are 45 degrees that extend ¼, ½, and ¾ inches into the thickness of the stone. Whatever you choose, a beveled edge by itself is enough to make a design statement.


You might mistake a mitered edge for a square edge because they look the same. However, the mitered edge always seems to be with thicker slabs, except that it is not. A mitered edge creates the illusion of thickness by joining a strip of stone to the edge of the countertop at a 90-degree angle, or mitering.

In most cases, the fabricator will make a precise cut of 45 degrees on both the countertop and strip so that it joins seamlessly. The countertops appear to be one piece if the fabricator does a good job of it. Fabricators use the same joining technique to produce a seamless waterfall edge.

The reason for a mitered edge is to make the slab look much thicker than it is, making it seem heavier and more expensive. It is a good way to make the countertops the focus of the room without the actual heft and cost associated with thicker slabs.


A bullnose edge is simply a rounded edge, just as simple as a square edge, but much softer and more attractive. The soft roundedness imparts an impression of warmth and solidity to the countertops. It is a particularly good style for marble and granite countertops, and the safest for any home with children.

Variations on the bullnose edge include the demi-bullnose and half-bullnose. They might sound the same, but they are not. Ask your countertop specialist to show you the differences.

Premium edges

Less popular because more expensive, but definitely worth considering are the premium edges. These include:

  • Ogee – forms an S-shaped curve, suitable for classic architectural styles such as Victorian and Colonial
  • DuPont – a combination of a square top edge ballooning into a bullnose
  • Cove – a concave top edge with a square bottom edge, sometimes combined with an ogee edge profile
  • Quirk – more popular in engineered quartz, this edge features an L-shaped top cut and a straight bottom edge
  • Chiseled or broken edge – this does not seem to be fabricated at all, as it simulates the natural edge of stone; most common with granite and marble countertops


Many edge options are available to you. Since the edge profile plays an important role in the overall look of bathroom and kitchen countertops, you should give it due consideration. This quick rundown should give you some idea of your options, but it would be best to consult with your countertop specialist. Keystone Marble and Granite can help you make the right choice in the areas of Columbus, Ohio, Delaware cities, Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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