Design is one of you top considerations when doing a kitchen upgrade, especially when it comes to kitchen countertops. Countertops are often central to a design, so you need to know what is trending in terms of kitchen designs. While you should certainly consider your personal style when deciding on the look of your kitchen upgrade, you still want to make sure it will look up to date. Here are 10 design trends for kitchen countertops and upgrades in 2019.

Integrated sinks

granite integrated sink

While it has been around a few years, the integral or integrated sink continues to be an exciting trend in 2019. An integrated sink is a twofer: sink and countertops in one. They come in many varieties, but quartz stone and granite are the top favorites as thee materials go with any kitchen style, and they last for a very long time. 

Integrated sinks tend to be expensive, and if you choose quartz, they are available in only a few models. You should still consider them if you want your kitchen to look sleek and awesome. They can also help make your kitchen more efficient as it has a smooth line with no bumps or corners to make cleaning difficult.


Pink and other pastels are not the first colors that come to mind when designing a kitchen, but these delicate hues are making some headway in kitchen design. In most cases, people use pastels to temper bolder colors as accent walls or countertops, They provide a breath of whimsy to an aggressively modern design, and adds depth to a heavily traditional style. 

Pastels work best in kitchens with predominantly neutral or natural colors such as white, black, brown and beige. You might want to pair them with stained wood cabinets and dark hardwood floors.

<h2The 70s look
kitchen with yellow backsplash and hardwood floors

It seems that people continue to hard to the good, old days in their homes, especially in kitchen designs. The 1970s with their happy colors tend to be popular, with designers going so far as to incorporate sunny yellow in modern kitchens to bring some freshness into the room.

If you are onboard with yellow, consider yellow granite for the backsplash or kitchen countertops. Yellow granite has a typically strong color with distinct patterns you can temper with light hardwood floors and slab cabinets.

Blue and white

blue and white kitchen

Blue kitchens with white undertones are also trending. Most people think blue is a sad color, but the psychological effect changes with the shade of blue. Some shades can make you feel sad, but others can stimulate and calm your mind at the same time. Sky blue, for instance, makes you more creative. Blue is also an appetite suppressant, which is a good thing in the kitchen if you spend a lot of time there and are trying to lose weight.

However, blue can be an overwhelming color, so you might want to mix in some orange or white in there. You can choose blue for the walls and accents, dark hardwood for the floors, and white for the kitchen countertops.

Mobile islands

custom kitchen island on wheels with granite countertop

A full kitchen island might seem a good idea at first, but with space at a premium, you might want something more flexible. This is the reason mobile or portable islands with durable tops such as granite or quartz are trending in 2019.

Mobile islands are very useful for extending the workspace and storage. Since they are mobile, they can also serve as a bar or service cart. You can have one built to your specifications, but you can save some money by choosing from one of many ready-made ones available online or from your countertop specialist.

Blonde cabinets

kitchen with blonde wood veneer cabinets

Most people choose kitchen cabinets in dark wood species because these are easier to keep clean. Light or blonde wood cabinets would like better in small kitchens, however, as they give an illusion of space. For the same reason, pair your blonde cabinets with lighter colored kitchen countertops. This will basically give you a white kitchen, but you can introduce dark accents to give it more depth if you want.

Granite and quartz come in many different shades, so choosing one that will go well with your cabinets should be a cinch. Choose a smooth finish to make dirt and grime easier to manage for both cabinets and countertops.

Open shelves

open shelves with full backsplash

In line with visual openness, open shelves are making a comeback. Being able to see all the way to the back can make a kitchen look bigger without actually compromising your storage space. A full backsplash in beautiful marble, granite or quartz can make this vista more attractive. Of course, the drawback to this trend is the lack of cover. You need to keep things on the shelves tidy and clean. 8.

Flat front cabinets

flat front cabinets with small knobs

Kitchen cabinets typically come with some type of design on the cabinet front. Shaker cabinets are simple, but they still have some depth. If you want something sleek for your modern kitchen, however, flat front cabinets are the ones for you. The flat surface is also much easier to clean, which is probably one reason for them to be trending in 2019.

Most flat front cabinets are soft closing with no pulls to keep from interrupting the visual line. However, you can put them in if you keep them small. Knobs and pulls can keep dirty and grimy fingers off the wood.



Flat front cabinets are great for modern kitchens, but Shaker style cabinets are still king in most other kitchen styles. If your existing cabinets are Shaker style, you can upgrade them by painting your wall cabinets a different color or shade as your base cabinets. Two-toned kitchens are in for 2019, especially if you put in matching granite countertops.

Metallic notes

rustic kitchen with hanging copper pans and stainless steel stove

Metal has always been in kitchens, but usually in the form of appliances. Of late, however, metal has been sneaking in to the design as an accent. It might be just hanging pots and pans to strike a decorative note. You could also do this by changing up your hardware with a decorative metal such as copper, brass, and chrome. These changes will go well with granite countertops, as they play well with metals.


Using one or more of these 10 design trends for kitchen countertops and upgrades in 2019 will make your kitchen upgrade go swimmingly. Keystone Granite & Tile can help you go through your options, and make recommendations based on your preferences. We service the areas of Columbus, Ohio, Delaware cities, Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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