Homeowners typically consider a kitchen remodel to update their kitchens, and since it is a considerable investment, they try to choose designs that will stay in style for as long as possible. That can be quite challenging, as so many things in the kitchen can simply go out of style, such as appliances and cabinet styles, and even countertops.

Engineered quartz tops the list for kitchen countertops and has for a few years. They are extremely durable, non-porous, low maintenance, and available in a wide range of colors, patterns, thickness, edge treatments, and finishes. Many homeowners replaced their kitchen countertops to update them with quartz, and its popularity is likely to continue through 2020 and beyond.

The main issue with quartz countertops is that they mimic the look of granite quite well, which is the reason it took off in the first place. This is especially true for the 2000s, when the speckled granite look was everywhere. However, many people dislike the busy look of speckled granite, which is the most common style of the stone and found in many homes. Some chose to go for solid white, which is a bit on the plain side.

The idea now is to go with quartz, but to move away from the typical granite look and more towards more widely spaced or large intermittent color patterns. The trend is particularly for quartz countertops widely spaced veins in contrast to the base color. These are not so busy, nor too plain, but still eye-catching.

Veins are more common in marble than granite and finding a specific vein patterning can be difficult. As a result, certain varieties of marble can fetch a hefty price due to high demand. Quartz stone has an advantage in this because it is an engineered product, so it is much easier to find the specific type of veining for the marble mimic. This ranges from quartz with a white background and gray veins, typical to Carrara marble to a black background with white veins like the Nero Marquina, and all the colors in between. 

Wrap around

wrap around

Waterfall edges give a nice continuity to kitchen countertops but doing it all around creates a unique look to your kitchen island and kitchen. Using the same quartz slab for the backsplash extends the drama beyond the center of the room. Arabescato quartz stone has some beautiful veining that will work very well with this scheme.

Winning combination

bronze kitchen

Many homeowners have this mistaken idea that using the same material for all kitchen countertops is necessary. That is not true at all. You can select veined quartz stone for your center island, and wood for your perimeter countertops. You can also combine your quartz countertops with glass, bronze, and other metals in whatever combination that works for you.

Close matching

matching kitchen

Matching kitchen cabinets to the countertops has always been a good design move, but you can always take it a notch higher. Richly colored quartz countertops can be the inspiration for choosing a veneer for your kitchen countertops. The effect is very modern, yet classic. It also creates visual continuity, giving your kitchen unparalleled cohesion.

Hidden gems

kitchen island

Choosing custom drawers is a good way to go for a truly bespoke kitchen island. One idea is to use the same quartz slab for the countertops and drawer fronts, so that the effect is one solid piece when the drawers are closed. The look is sleek and seamless, yet highly functional as well. Building it requires quite a bit of experience, but the final product is beyond price.


Quartz countertops are very popular with homeowners today. However, choosing the right one for your overall design will determine if your upgrade will keep your kitchen updated for many years to come. The trend in quartz countertops for 2020 is large intermittent veining, like some marble varieties. Here we present some ideas of how to use them to best advantage.

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