Given that you already have the kitchen you want, complete with quartz or granite countertops, well-matched cabinets, and the appliances you need, your job is not over. You can still do a lot to add style and panache to your kitchen countertops by adding some decorative elements that might even serve a function. Check out these styling ideas for kitchen countertops.

Add a centerpiece

bronze art piece on clean countertops

Uncluttered kitchen countertops are a remarkable sight, but you can make it look even better. Centerpieces make a design statement, but they need not be temporary or restricted to dining tables. You can use a centerpiece to emphasize the clean expanse of your kitchen countertops. Choose something unusual or striking as a focal point for your kitchen countertops that will lend drama or contrast to the space.

Add some color

fruit bowl on countertops

Fruit is usually a good way to decorate the countertops without making it look cluttered. Place fruits such as apples, avocadoes, oranges, and bananas in areas that are likely to existing color accents. These could be the color of the stove knobs, or the tints of the countertops themselves.  You can also use flowers or topiaries for the same effect. Just make sure you do not overdo it. Allow plenty of empty space to bring the pops of color into sharp focus.

Add texture

raw edge cutting board in countertops

Most homeowners choose a polished finish for their countertops, and this can make the kitchen seem a little cold. You can temper that high gloss by putting something with texture on the surface, such as a wood cutting board with a raw edge. You can also choose an attractive piece of driftwood or arrange some dried branches in vase. Counterbalance all that dead wood with living plants on the other end of the countertops, such as a kitchen herb garden.

Add a moment

group of miniatures doing kitchen acts

Sometimes, you can make your kitchen unique by simply freezing a moment in time or creating a composition.  This adds some interest and personal touches to the kitchen. It can be anything the catches your fancy, such as group of miniatures in the act of baking, washing, cutting, eating, etc. It could also be a collection of items, such as Coca-Cola memorabilia. Whatever you choose, establish it in a corner of the countertops where it will be unlikely to get in the way.

Add old and new objects

old copper watering can next to a plant on the countertops

The trick to decorating kitchen countertops is to put objects that serve a function while looking good. An old copper watering can, for example, is actually useful in keeping the plant alive, so you have all the justification for leaving it on the countertops. It helps if you choose functional d├ęcor that stands out against the backsplash and countertops.

Add everyday items


Many of the things you use every day in the kitchen can actually add to the style of the kitchen countertops. Pasta, for example, come in pleasing shapes and colors, so it is a great idea to put them out on display in matching glass canisters. You can use the same idea for difference colored spices, using smaller glass or plastic containers. The containers themselves can also be decorative, such as pepper mills, salt and pepper shakers, and oil bottles. Set out two or three groups of these decorative essentials in decorative trays, and never feel guilty.

Add hangers

hanging pots and pans over kitchen island

The best way to add style to kitchen countertops without adding clutter is to suspend it. You can suspend a mesh over your kitchen island where you can hang your copper pots and pans. It is a great way to add storage as well as design.  You can also put some hooks and hang plants in the corners of the kitchen.

Add lights

decorative pendant lights

While not precisely on the countertops, light fixtures have a direct effect on their look. Undercabinet LED lights are particularly effective in making you more efficient in the kitchen as well as bringing focus on your beautiful countertops. For less subtle lighting additions, add pendant lights that reflect the general style of the kitchen. You can go anywhere from vintage to ultra modern, depending on the effect you want.

Add open shelves

decorative items on corner shelves

Open shelves can help you style your kitchen countertops wad still keep it clear. You can put shelves on awkward spaces such as corners or wall areas too small for a regular shelf or cabinet. Place decorative items on these extra shelves, such as artwork, kitchen collection, and plants. They will go a long way towards styling the kitchen without getting in the way.


Kitchen countertops are for working on, but that does not mean they should not look stylish. These styling ideas for kitchen countertops will help you decorate your kitchen without compromising your working space. However, if your problem is the countertops, then styling it is not the answer. Consult with a countertop specialist to give you the kitchen countertops you deserve.

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