Bathrooms are not particularly exciting or inspiring, especially when it comes to design. In most cases, homeowners consider them a functional rather than decorative room, so they give little thought to how the décor actually looks. The important thing is that it is neat and clean, and that is it.

However, this is a missed opportunity to make a significant improvement to the value of your home. A well-designed bathroom is one of the things homebuyers want in a prospective home. A unique bathroom design is even better in most cases.

That said, a bathroom remodel could be expensive and stressful, so it might not be in the cards for you right now. You could simply replace your bathroom countertops, and that alone can make a big difference. Here are some unique ideas for bathroom countertops.

Stone and glass

Choosing granite, marble, or quartz countertops for your bathroom is a smart move, but hardly a unique one. However, pairing it with a glass vessel sink can make it quite distinctive. Choose a glass sink with some distinctive features, such as an unusual shape or color. Since it is translucent, you can choose quite a large sink without making it visually heavy. The stone countertops provide the perfect background for this type of sink, and mounting an e equally faucet on the wall completes the picture of luxury.

Chalkboard backsplash

It might sound childish, but a chalkboard can actually add quite a bit of charm to your bathroom. Leave piquant messages for other members of the household or guests. You can choose countertops in white marble or in granite patterns that match or complement the greenish black of a chalkboard. Make sure you have a collection of colored chalk to complete the picture.

Edgy metal

Elevate the look of granite countertops with metal edging. The glint of metal is both sophisticated and modern, and perfectly complements steel-mounted mirrors and chrome fixtures. Embellishing your vanity with metal accents is a great way to gives your bathroom understated elegance and charming simplicity.

Metal sink

While metal sinks are certainly common in kitchens, finding one in the bathroom is unexpected. Yet a metal vessel sink can look looks very attractive, especially when matched with granite countertops that reflect the particular flint of the metal you choose. You can also play with the type and finish of your fixtures to further enhance the contemporary feel of this vanity top.

Counter culture

Most countertops are straight edged, and that is understandable in the kitchen where the countertops must blend seamlessly into the workspace. In the bathroom, however, you can set your creativity loose. Choose a slanted edge for your floating vanity tops that harks back to your lessons in parallelograms, and see where it brings you. Deconstructed vanity? It works for food; why not bathroom countertops?

You can also consider putting in a waterfall edge, but at a slight angle instead of straight down. You can also experiment with the angles of your drawers or cabinet doors. This would mean a bit of custom work, but since bathroom vanities tend to be small, it should not cost a lot.

Mirror image

Another element with which you can experiment is the vanity mirror. In most cases, homeowners choose a straightforward, symmetrical mirror, but that is not a hard and fast rule. You can choose mirrors with some odd angles, or an interesting frame. You can make even the plainest vanity look interesting with your choice of mirrors. Take note, however, that the bathroom mirror should still be functional. Here are some great mirror styles for inspiration.

Wall to wall

Your bathroom countertops could stand out more if you put it in front of an accent wall. In most cases, the accent wall is a bold color distinct from the rest of the room, drawing focus to itself. You could also put unusual patterns or an interesting image such as pink flamingoes on that wall. This will give you the opportunity to up-style an otherwise ordinary vanity. Make sure your countertops will not clash with the accent wall, and vice versa.

Get recycling

The base of the bathroom countertops is usually a cabinet, especially as it doubles as storage space. However, there is no reason not to use other things, such as recycled marble pedestals, or even an old bike. Using these recycled materials is not only good for the environment; it will also make your bathroom truly unique.

It will take some creative thinking to install these unusual countertops, especially the plumbing, but it is doable. Ask your countertop specialist about it.

Light the way

Finally, one of the best things you can do for your new countertops is to put interesting lighting over it. It can be hidden LED lighting for dramatic effect, or a vintage chandelier for that touch of elegance. It all depends on the overall theme of your countertops. The important thing is not to forget about the effect of lighting on the look of your bathroom.


Bathroom countertops are not the most romantic element in your home, or even your bathroom, but you can do quite a bit with it if you try. These are some unique design ideas you should consider for your new bathroom countertops.

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