This natural stone is made from the hardened magma which flows out from the Earth’s crust. Its natural patterns and color transitions have captured a lot of hearts from homeowners and remodelers.

There are different types of granite slabs in the industry, but black granite countertops have gathered so many fans. Today, we are going to uncover the reasons why the best black granite countertops have dominated the industry of residential remodeling.

1. Increase Luxurious Appeal of Home

Whether you are planning on reselling your home or not in the near future, granite countertops are a winner when it comes to timeless beauty and elegance. Unlike marble, it has finer veining patterns with specks of other colors because of the presence of other minerals.

These patterns enable seams to be invisible even when using black granite countertops for smaller surface area. The rich dark color of black granite kitchen portrays a dramatic feel in your space.

Aside from white or neutral colors, black is in-demand because of the great contrast it brings with your light-colored cabinetry. Meanwhile, if you use black for the cabinet door panels, this creates a modern and sleek appeal with black granite kitchen countertops.

2. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Compared to other types of granite, black granite has better anti-stain properties, so it is easier to clean them. If you choose to have a polished surface, then it enhances its non-porous trait, making it more resistant to spills and stains.

Nevertheless, we still recommend our homeowners to apply impregnating sealants to secure the anti-stain and anti-bacterial properties of your stone countertop.

When cleaning, make sure to use a neutral dish soap solution and soft sponge or towel for wiping off the surface. Never use abrasive pads or scrubbers in removing stains and debris on your black granite countertops for it might destroy the sealant film.

Further, sealing maintenance for granite countertops is only done at least once a year.

3. 100% Durable Material

Granite stone is popularly known for its high resistance against scratches and dents. Similar to quartz, it is highly ideal for your black granite kitchen countertop. However, to preserve its aesthetics and polished finish, we still encourage our homeowners to use chopping boards when using a knife.

4. Beautiful Types of Black Granite Countertops

In the industry, there are several black granite countertops to choose from that fit your remodeling project. Perhaps, the most popular types include Absolute Black, Galaxy Black, and Brazilian Black Granite countertops.

If you want a starry night appeal in your counter, then choose to install the Galaxy black granite countertop. For a rich deep dark background with less to zero visible veinings, then Absolute black granite countertop is your top choice.

For a sound decision, you can visit our showroom anytime. We have an array of collection for black granite countertops.


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