Truth to be told, in choosing your custom bathroom countertops, durability will be your second priority making aesthetics your best bet. Unlike your high-traffic kitchen, there is less danger with chips and cuts in your shower and bath. Nevertheless, you must choose a material which has good resistance against stains and bacteria for there is much moisture inside your bathroom.

We have different types of bathroom countertops in our showroom and we will be introducing each one to you. We understand that cost will be one of your main factors in selecting the best made bathroom vanities but never compromise quality and design in sprucing up your skimpy shower and bath.

Factors To Consider In Buying the Best Bathroom Vanities

It is wise to know what are the things you need to look for a good bathroom vanity countertops that meet your desired theme and functionality.

1. Attractive Aesthetics

Choosing an appealing texture and design is your major concern in eyeing for the best bathroom vanities. Do you like a classic and traditional appearance? Or do you prefer getting a sophisticated contemporary design for your petite bathroom?

In choosing your design, it must fairly match with your vanity cabinets and wall. For skimpy bathrooms, having a white bathroom vanity countertop will be a great choice. Its polished white background reflects light in your bath which amplifies its airy and spacious feel.

2. Resistance Against Moisture and Stains

When you are inside your bathroom, you do several hygienic rituals to refresh and clean your face and body. Likewise, you use various cosmetic products to maintain  and preserve the natural flair of your skin. In that case, moisture and cosmetic products are the best nemesis for your bathroom vanities with tops.

Always consider anti-stain and anti-bacterial properties of your bathroom countertops. This is vital for its preservation and longer lifespan. For natural stones, we impregnate sealants on granite and marble to increase their anti-stain abilities.

3. Price or Quality

Upgrading your bathroom countertops does not come really cheap, so you need to decide how much are you willing to set aside for this matter. The top materials to choose from with excellent quality and reasonable price will be granite, quartz, marble, travertine, quartzite, and concrete.

Sprucing your bathroom vanities does not always happen, so you need to prioritize quality and the material’s contribution to the overall value of your property.

Different Types of Bathroom Countertops

Finally, we are here, so below are the top materials considered by most homeowners for their exquisite and stunning custom bathroom countertops.

Marvelous Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite stone is considered the prime lucrative choice when it comes to your custom bathroom countertops. The subtle hues and veining patterns of granite slabs exudes its rich deep ambiance for contemporary and traditional themes.

Unlike porcelain, granite’s beauty and design reaches until the bottom layer of each slab. Its strength is also forgiving, so there will be less worries with scratch and cuts. For bathroom vanities, we suggest you go for a polished finish to increase vibrancy and resistance to stains.

In our package, we include the impregnation of sealants on your exotic granite vanity tops so that stains and moisture will never be a problem.

Subtle and Elegant Quartz Bathroom Countertops

If you aim for a stark white vanity tops with least troubles on etching and stains, this engineered stone is your best bet. The mixed resin polymers are the ones covering the pores of crushed quartz, giving it a reliable resistance against stains and mildews.

Because it is man-made, we have several options for hues and patterns in our showroom that you will surely like. Likewise, its durability is at par with the marvelous granite stone minus the sealing maintenance.

Soft and Exquisite Marble Bathroom Countertops

Despite its soft nature, marble has carved its name in history as one of the most luxurious and high-end stones used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The usual color of marble stones is stark white or black with bold veining of gray or black.

Because it is easily etched with acidic solutions, we always advise our clients to avoid placing lemon juice, lime, or vinegar on top of their marble countertops. Coasters and trivets will be a useful thing to have to protect its surface.

Similar to granite, we also impregnate sealants to marbles to reinforce its anti-stain capabilities. Monthly sealing can be done by using topical sealants. Nonetheless,  marble slabs are pretty easy to clean.

The natural gloss and deep hues of marble makes it pop-out from the background. Seams are rarely noticeable for marble because of the bold veinings it has. Likewise, the best marble brands you can have are Carrara and Calacatta. Its stark white elegance is a true winner for small bathroom renovations.

Classic Beauty of Travertine Bathroom Countertops

This limestone mineral has been used for some notable and historical places like the Roman Colosseum. When you want to enjoy a classic and cozy warmth in your bathroom, travertine vanity tops is the way to do it.

The usual hues of this natural stone include beige, gold, white, and tan brown. Installing a pendant light over this vanity top will reflect specks of gold and creamy light on your bathroom space. 

To supplement its anti-stain properties, we also dip it into a sealant solution. With that, you would be able to enjoy its nostalgic appeal without the worries of staining.

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