Quartz countertops are top of mind for many homeowners today, and for good reason. Engineered quartz stone has come a long way from its introduction into the home improvement market in the 70s. Marketed as an alternative to natural stones, they are durable, beautiful, low maintenance, and readily available. The top brands also come with generous warranties, so homeowners have nothing about which to worry.

Quartz stone comes in many colors and designs, and manufacturers retire some and come up with new ones every few years. When choosing quartz stones for your kitchen countertops, you want to be sure you choose the ones that will not look outdated for a long time. Here are some of the enduring trends for quartz countertops.

Industrial style


One of the popular trends today in kitchens is the industrial look, specifically using concrete for kitchen countertops. The problem with actually using concrete countertops is issues of high cost and maintenance. The next best thing to achieving the minimalist, industrial look is to choose quartz countertops that simulate concrete. In many cases, this means choosing a brushed finish for gray quartz models. The color and finish does a great job at mimicking the visual effect of concrete without having to deal with the problems associated with concrete countertops.

Neutral zone

beige kitchen countertops

Neutral colors are always a popular choice for kitchens as these are very versatile. If you are concerned about your kitchen countertops looking outdated, choosing quartz in neutral tones is your best bet. Neutral quartz countertops will go with any style of kitchen, and goes equally well with most dark and light color palettes. The most common colors are beige, brown, and gray, and many top brands offer hundreds of varieties along these neutral zones.

Marble doppelganger

marble-like quartz countertops

Quartz stone manufacturers have perfected the art of simulating the look of natural stones. Among the most popular trends in quartz design today is mimicking the look of marble. This caters to the deep-rooted desire of many homeowners to have the beauty and elegance of marble in their kitchens, but would rather not have to deal with the maintenance requirements associated with true marble.

The trend is to choose marble doppelgangers with the distinct veining of high quality marble against a solid background. The visual effect is subtle and dramatic in turn, depending on whether you choose feathery or bold vein patterns. Whichever you choose, you be sure you will need up with an elegant and classic look for your kitchen, and even your bathroom.

Texture adventure

The most popular finishes for kitchen countertops are still polished and matte, but there is a trend for some other textures. Quartz stone manufacturers offer special textures such as leathered, brushed, even crocodile skin for some of their models.

The reason for this is to avoid some of the problems associated with polished or matte finishes, such as glare, fingerprints and cookie cutter looks. Leather and suede finishes are particularly popular because they give the surface warmth and depth and draw out the color of the stone. Textured quartz countertops are sure to make your kitchen distinctive and unique.

It is important to note, however, that manufacturers produce quartz countertops with specific finishes and textures. You cannot have a fabricator put it for you as you would with marble or granite. This limits your options in terms of color and design, although you should still have quite a few options if you are willing to look through different brands.

Integrated beauties

quartz integrated sink

One of the best offerings from quartz manufacturers are integrated sinks. While this sink-and-countertop combo is available in other materials, both natural and manmade, engineered quartz is particularly suited for this type of innovation.  The most popular types of integrated sinks in quartz are solid colors in matte finish and matching fixtures, giving your kitchen an impeccably seamless and sophisticated look.

Integrated sinks are not cheap. Some sites put it at between $100 and $150 per square foot. However, it is well worth the price considering how much value it will add to your kitchen and home. They are also very easy to clean, so that’s a bonus.


The best way to upgrade our kitchen is to put in new kitchen countertops, and quartz is one of the top choices for the material. However, you have virtually limitless options when it comes to quartz countertops, so you make your final choice carefully. These trends in quartz countertops should ensure that your investment would have great returns for the next few years in terms of visual appeal and value.

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