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Keystone Granite And Tile provides Lancaster, PA consumers state of the art Granite Supplier services. Our experts specialize in Granite Countertops, Granite Kitchen Countertops, Granite Fireplace Surrounds, Granite Backsplash, Bathroom Vanities.

Granite, once the most popular choice for countertops, it has fallen a little out of favor because of the porosity factor and the fact that each slab is unique, so that it may be a bit more challenging to find matching pieces. However, the problem of porosity is easy to solve with periodic sealing to make it safe for food preparation. Regular cleaning will also minimize staining.

Granite is extremely durable and heat resistant, and it can last for many years. It is tough enough to handle regular use without damage with reasonable care and maintenance. Granite is ideal for sunny areas because exposure to sunlight does not affect the color.  Being unique is not a drawback when it comes to kitchen islands, and for kitchens with a neutral theme. The beauty and sheen of granite will serve as a central point of interest in any kitchen. Some people that prefer one-of-a-kind natural stone would gravitate towards granite at any rate.

Overall, granite is a very good option for homeowners with a preference for natural products and a willingness to work with their limitations to bring out the best out of them.

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