Granite might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about replacing your kitchen countertops, partly because it is what you see in many homes today. The main reasons so many homeowners are so keen on it is its durability and beauty. However, with so many people choosing it for their homes, it can seem a bit common to do the same thing.

The thing is granite comes in many colors and designs. Some you may see more often than others because they are more commonly available than others are. If you are feeling a little bored with the common granite countertops, here are some fresh design ideas to get your enthusiasm going.

Greenish gray

Costa Esmeralda granite

Gray is a common color for granite, but you usually see the speckled gray variety. You will find quite a few variations on this theme, including greenish gray granite with white streaks that look gorgeous in traditional kitchens. They also look very well in modern kitchens with a white and gray color palette. Consider pairing it with white subway tile backsplashes and see how fantastic it looks.

Streaky gray

Blizzard granite

You might also want to consider another gray granite but choosing streaky instead of speckled.  This is a much less busy stone with its white backdrop and gray veins. It is a particularly good choice on a kitchen island as a transitional feature where the perimeter countertops are black, and the cabinets are white.

You can also use streaky gray granite to tone down striking color palettes such as blue. Some blue shades have a somber effect, so leavening it with white tiles and gray countertops can lighten the mood without being jarring. It is a particularly good color to match with stainless steel appliances.

Soft gray

Luna Pearl granite

Granite tends to have bold, busy colors and patterns, but sometimes you come across granite with the softness associated with other types of natural stones. Soft gray and white granite pairs well with warm wood cabinets in a rustic kitchen. The countertops are the ultimate in neutral, which makes it a sea of relief from stronger colors and designs.

Marble white

white Princess Granite

If you are looking for a durable marble look-alike, white granite is a great choice. It looks enough like white marble to pass muster, but will not etch or scratch. Choose it for an all-white kitchen with hardwood floors for a touch of color and elegance without being in your face about it.

Delicatus white

Delicatus white granite

Delicatus white granite is more gray than white, but the white is so clear that it seems to shine through the dark gray veins. Choose this granite for traditional kitchens to give it a modern flair. Bring it a step further and use it for your coffee table top or dining table top.


Black Pearl granite

Black granite is not solid black. They usually have faint or prominent white veins that make the black look even more profound.  You can use black granite countertops for any style kitchen or bathroom and look dramatic, but it is particularly fantastic in modern designs.  You can choose black granite with a generous sprinkling of white vein to give depth to Shaker-style cabinets. You can also go for highly polished black granite with almost no veins to serve as a transitional element in simple modern kitchens.


Ubatuba granite

It might sound funny, but this granite with speckles of black, gold, gray, and green has a certain dynamic to it not found in any other type of granite. Sourced from Brazil, it also has a bit of a shimmer to it, which makes it particularly attractive in cottage and rustic kitchens.


Antico cream granite

Cream-colored granite is a particularly good choice if you want to add some warmth in the kitchen. Some slabs have gold and brown flecks that pick up the colors of the walls, floor, appliances, and any other accent you might have in your kitchen. It is also a good color for bathrooms.

If you want something with depth, choose cream granite with brown or black flecks, and pair it with espresso cabinets. The light and dark colors play off each other beautifully.


Titanium gold granite

Most granite slabs have some gold in them, but usually as a secondary color. When gold becomes a prominent one because of the black background, the effect can be very dramatic. Several granite slabs have this black-gold combination, such as Titanium gold.  Pair it with natural wood cabinets and floors and moss green walls, and you have a winning combination.

Granite and marble

granite countertop with marble mosaic backsplash

Granite and marble makes a natural pairing, especially if they are in the right places. Use granite for the countertops, as they are more durable, and marble for the backsplashes. You have your choice of slab, module, or tiles for the backsplash. Just make sure you choose colors that blend for the two stones. If you are unsure of what to pick, consult with your countertop specialist.


Granite might be popular, but it does not have to look ordinary. Choose granite countertops that will set your kitchen or bathroom apart, either by itself or in combination with other elements in the room. Get some help with design ideas from a reliable countertop specialist. Keystone Granite & Tile can help you with the final design in the areas of Columbus, Ohio, Delaware cities, Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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