Should you choose natural stone for your kitchen countertops? Light research on granite and marble countertops often results in conflicting advice, the biggest problem pointed out being the difficulty in maintaining them.

However, the maintenance required for natural stones is often a great exaggeration, especially with granite. Homeowners that have natural stones countertops know this for a fact, which is why many people continue to choose granite or marble for their kitchens and bathrooms.

Aside from the air of exclusivity of natural stones for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops, marble and granite are very durable. The return on investment is quite good, so it makes practical as well as esthetic sense to choose them for the home.

That said, choosing between granite and marble for the home can be difficult.  Making the right choice will depend on several factors. Here are four of the top ones in choosing natural stones for kitchen countertops.

Daily life

people in kitchen with granite countertop

Each home lives life differently. The natural stone you choose for your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops will depend on how you use them in your daily life. Kitchens and bathrooms bear the majority of use in the home, so it is good to focus on the way you use these rooms when choosing a natural stone.

If you are a busy homeowner with no children or with grownup children, and rarely use the kitchen for heavy cooking, you can comfortably choose marble countertops. You are less likely to need regular maintenance for marble countertops, and less likely to have spills and messes endangering the surface.

On the other hand, if you have small children and spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking regular meals for the family, you will do better to choose granite for your kitchen countertops. Granite is more durable and tough than marble, and can withstand a lot more use and abuse. This also applies if you do a lot of entertaining at home, as granite can stand up to spilled drinks and food without taking much hurt.

The same principles apply when choosing bathroom vanity tops. If you have children that are likely to leave behind toothpaste tubes uncovered or spill oils and creams on the surface, choose granite. If you have exclusive use of your bathroom and you are careful with your cosmetics and toiletries, marble is an excellent choice for you.


polished marble kitchen countertops

You can choose from several finishes for your natural stone. These include polished, matte, brushed, honed, and leathered. In most cases, a polished finish requires less maintenance as dirt and grime typically slide off the ultra-smooth surface.

However, if you prefer a softer look, you can choose a brushed or honed look. These give your stones more drama and depth, but often require a bit more upkeep to keep clean. On the other hand, they are a good choice for keeping marble pristine. Choose these finishes only if you are willing to put in the work. Balance your desired look with your ability to keep them in good heart to help you choose the right finish.


cleaning granite countertop

Despite what most people believe, natural stones actually require much less maintenance than you might expect. It is true that you need to make sure they are always clean and spill-free, but that is the case for any type of material anyway.

That said, maintaining different natural stones do have varying degrees of trouble. Marble tends to be more porous than granite, so you will need to reseal it more frequently to keep it stain-resistant. That is not always a case, but you can easily check it with a water bead test. On average, you will need to check the seal of marble every six months, and of granite every year.

You also have to monitor the types of spills that go on your kitchen countertops. Impregnating sealers retard the absorption of liquids; they do not prevent it completely. Oils and acids, including mild ones like ketchup and white vinegar, are particularly troublesome for marble countertops, so you have to make sure you mop up any liquids as soon as possible. 

Granite countertops require less monitoring than marble, so if you are not a big fan of cleaning up, granite is a better choice for you. On the other hand, if you like to keep your kitchen clean at all times anyway, you can safely choose marble for your kitchen countertops. 

Overall, maintenance for natural stones is a matter of personal habits. It does not really take much to take care of either granite or marble countertops if you just keep paper towels or a rag handy, and make it a habit to use heat pads and coasters for your kitchen countertops. However, if you really would not like to bother, granite is your best choice.


You need to consider these factors in choosing naturals stones for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops to avoid having buyer’s remorse down the road. You can enjoy your kitchen and bathroom better if you make the right choice from the start.

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