Granite, marble, and quartz are excellent options for kitchen countertops, and putting them in is often enough to make a great design statement. However, since these materials are so popular, making a kitchen look extraordinary might need a bit more effort. Here are some design ideas for kitchen countertops using engineered and natural stones.

Dramatic entrance

A practical way to upgrade the kitchen is to replace the kitchen countertops, and nothing else. If you are going that route, you can maximize the impact by going for as much drama as you can. Choose black marble with distinct, pure white streaks, or granite with unexpected swirls or shifts in color and pattern. If you are going for quartz stone, you have some fantastic stones available on demand.

Classic twist

black and white kitchen

Keeping black and white from looking cookie cutter is about thinking outside the box. Instead of choosing just one color for all your kitchen countertops, choose black marble for perimeter countertops and pure white quartz for the kitchen island. Opt for a mitered edge to give it an even more modern look, or a complex ogee for a more traditional touch.

You can use the kitchen cabinets to emphasize the departure from the classic, by choosing black or white Shaker cabinets that provide a complement to the perimeter countertops. Go for the visual surprise by putting in dark hardwood floors instead of the expected black marble, granite, or quartz tiles.

Mixed medium

wood and stone countertops

Most homeowners agonize over the material for their kitchen countertops because they mistakenly believe they can only choose one. On the contrary, mixing materials for your kitchen countertops is a very good design idea. Wood, for example, is an excellent foil for stone. Use wood for kitchen countertops specifically designed for serving food or eating, and granite for heavier use, such as food preparation. You can emphasize the difference by choosing light wood and dark stone, and vice versa.


curved kitchen island

You can make your kitchen unexpectedly fabulous by simply changing the shape of your kitchen countertops. While this might be difficult to execute for perimeter countertops, you have a bit more leeway when it comes to kitchen islands. Choose granite or quartz stones in an interesting shade or design, and ask for a bean shape. It is a small change, but it has dramatic results.

Marble mayhem

marble countertops

Using marble for kitchen countertops is a bold move, but it can pay dividends in the design department. Marble etches and stains more easily than granite or quartz, so it may not be the most comfortable choice for many homeowners. However, marble is inherently elegant, so if you can get pure white or black marble countertops and give it a double ogee edge treatment, you have a fabulous kitchen from the get go.  Highlight the delicate patina of marble by opting for a honed finish, which makes it stand out as well as render scratches and etches much less noticeable.


integrated sink in quartz

An interesting trend in kitchen countertops resulted with the introduction of integrated sinks. An integrated sink is a sink and countertop in one piece, so they are made of the same material. Available in quartz, marble, and granite, integrated sinks gives your kitchen a unique and seamless look that is hard to beat. They are not readily available, and they can be expensive. However, if you can find one that goes with your kitchen design, it is a great element to include. You will probably some elegant options from top quartz brands.

Blue moon

vivid blue countertops

Most kitchen designs tend to use neutral colors such as beige, brown, white, or black. However, choosing an unusual color such as a vivid blue for your kitchen countertops can be a delightful departure from the humdrum. Blue countertops in light colored or white kitchens is particularly fun, and in some cases, fabulous.



A waterfall edge does not always work, but if you have a kitchen that gets a lot of natural light and an open layout, it can add a significant visual impact. A waterfall edge in a granite or quartz countertops in a neutral color draws attention away from the obvious and towards the subtle features of the stone. If you chose a bolder color, the waterfall edge helps to dominate the room. The design itself is simple, but it is profoundly impactful.

Long haul

large one-walled kitchen with long kitchen island

Keeping a large kitchen looking cohesive without looking boring can be hard. A good way to go is to have a full kitchen island that runs the length of the room. Choose the same material for the island and the perimeter countertops, and put in a couple of sinks, a cook top, and a seating area to tie in everything.

Quartz stone is always a good choice because it has a consistency that granite and marble lack. To keep it from looking too boring, choose quartz stone in a striking color that matches or complements the color palette of the kitchen.


These design ideas for kitchen countertops using engineered and natural stones show how a bit of tweaking can make your kitchen fabulous. You only need to consult with a reliable countertop specialist to help you find the right slabs to make it happen, Keystone Granite & Tile is your best bet in the areas of Columbus, Ohio, Delaware cities, Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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