Cambria is one of the most popular brands of engineered quartz solid surface products in the US. It is a compound of 93% natural quartz, with the remaining 7% composed of resins and dyes. . Quartz is an extremely hard mineral found in granite that gives it its durability. However, granite only has about 10% to 50% quartz. This is why Cambria stone is much more durable than granite. The resin additives also make Cambria non-porous, unlike granite.



Uses of Cambria Countertops

Cambria has mane uses in the home or business. These include kitchen and other work countertops, floor tiles, vanity tables, showers, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, even window sills. If the client is looking for the natural stone experience without the hassle, select Cambria’s designs look very much like granite, marble and other natural stones, but better because it is stronger and more durable. It is particularly ideal for kitchen and bathroom use because it is non-porous and heat resistant. Liquids and heat have little effect on it under reasonable use.


Some people still prefer granite because of its natural beauty. With the unique processing technology employed for Cambria products, the results are of uncommon beauty. You get the look and feel of granite without its drawbacks.

With so many engineered quartz countertops in the market, it can be hard to choose the best one. Cambria is distinguished by being the only American company that produces quartz solid surfaces. In addition, Cambria is a family-owned business with the advantage of more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.
Because it is a domestic product, the engineers and designers of Cambria have the pulse of the American market. They know exactly what kind of solid surfaces and look Americans want in their homes. The slabs are available in excess of 120 designs and colors.

You will not find Cambria products in big wholesalers and warehouses. Cambria prefers to deal with people who deal with clients on a personal basis. The company philosophy focuses on building relationships, and it can be hard to have a relationship with an impersonal entity. Cambria deals only with people who understand and appreciate fine kitchen and bathroom products. These include equally expert fabricators and installers of quartz countertops as well as designers, architects, contractors, and retail partners with an eye for the finer things in life.

Standard Cambria slabs are available up to 54.5” and 121” dimensions and thickness of 1 cm to 3 cm. Any requirements for larger or longer slabs than that require seams. However, with professional installers on the job, the seams are much less noticeable than the typical seams of granite slabs are. The client can also choose from a variety of edge designs.


Cambria countertops are extremely durable. It is able to withstand far more use and abuse than other stones, although it can still sustain damage. No stone is proof against a sledgehammer, for instance, and edges and areas with no under support are especially vulnerable to cracking and chipping. You can cut food directly on a Cambria countertop without damaging it, but using pointed implements can scratch the surface.
Cambria is more heat-resistant than granite or marble, but it is still not a good idea to put a hot pot or pan directly on its surface. The thermal shock can lead to cracks, and may also cause discoloration. It is a good idea to use a trivet or other protective padding to keep the hot pan from direct contact with your Cambria surface.
If the product has a manufacturing defect, it can lead to cracks and cups. Cambria offers a limited lifetime warranty against these types of defects. It is not transferable, however. The warranty only covers the original buyer of the product.


Cambria stone is nearly maintenance free. Warm water and some mild soap is all one needs to clean it on a regular basis. Special cleaners and implements are not necessary. Because it is nonporous, there is a lower risk of bacterial growth, and it will not stain. There is no need to recondition, polish or seal it.


Cambria stone is NSF 51 certified for food preparation and splash zones in industrial settings, so it ois most definitely safe to use in the home.. Because is non-porous, it will not absorb liquids or let food particles slip through the cracks. The non-porosity minimizes the risk of bacterial growth.


Value Added To The Home

Many homebuyers find stone countertops attractive, and investing in them is more likely to help sell a home. In addition, Cambria stone is a green product. Cambria has GREENGUARD certification for producing a low-emitting product suitable for indoor use and school environments. Cambria has also underdone radon testing by Air Quality Sciences, Inc., which independently confirms that Cambria products do not emit any type of harmful substances.

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