The best rival of granite in the remodeling industry is engineered quartz countertops. It provides an efficient and pristine lift on the beauty and resale value of your home. If you want to save more, we offer affordable and cheap quartz countertops without any compromise in its quality and design.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, great thing that you came to our place to know more of the benefits and setbacks of quartz countertops. Keep reading to find out more and internalize the timeless beauty of quartz.

The Basic  – Engineered Quartz Countertops

This man-made stone is composed of 90% to 93% pulverized quartz and other minerals while 10% to 7% cement-based resin binders. It has an impeccable strength against scratches and cuts, better than granite stone. Likewise, quartz countertop designs mimics the pristine look of natural stones.

Impeccable Hardness

Quartz minerals are naturally hard and durable which constitutes to its exemplary resistance from scratches and cuts. This ability makes quartz kitchen countertops are a good choice for remodeling.

Likewise, choosing quartz bathroom countertops is great because it adds vibrancy and value to your bathroom space. For small bathroom areas, you can have white quartz countertops to lift its brightness and create a visual illusion of a larger space.

Nevertheless, when the chips are inevitable, you can still glue the piece back but seams will be visible.

Unbeatable Anti-Stain and Anti-bacterial Properties

For your kitchen and bathroom countertops, choosing quartz is an excellent choice because it can greatly resist stains and bacterial growth. The cement-based resin polymers mixed in all slabs contributes to its innate non-porous feature.

This means, all pores are sealed off so no worries about spills on your quartz kitchen countertops. Likewise, bacteria can no longer grow in between its mineral pores because it has been sealed with its resin binders.

Modern Design Consistency

Compared to natural stones, the color transition in each slab of custom quartz countertop is highly uniform. Likewise, veining and texture are finer compared to marble and granite countertops.

To achieve that modern theme, you need to choose neutral and light colors such as beige, white, and gray. For smaller bathrooms and kitchens, install stark white quartz countertops to get that airy modern look with an illusion of a wider space.

Consequently, the setback of this consistency is that seams are visible when you use engineered quartz countertops on smaller surface areas. Nonetheless, pristine appearance is still timeless for this stone.

Further, you have more selections on different colors and patterns for custom quartz countertops to match the design and layout of your kitchen and bathroom. The main reason – manufacturers can alter the design to strike versatility and flexibility with any remodeling theme.

No More Sealing Maintenance

Unlike granite, no sealing maintenance is required for engineered quartz countertops because of its resin binders. These polymers sealed off the pores of the crushed quartz as it is produced into slabs.

Quick Cleaning Needs

Because of its impervious hardness and non-porous feature, quartz stone countertops are easier to clean and maintain. Simply use neutral pH soap solution and soft microfiber to wipe off debris and spots on its surface.

Likewise, you can choose to have either honed or polished finish for your quartz countertops. A honed finish makes tiny scratches non-visible, but a polished finish looks more elegant for modern theme. Several quartz slabs mimic the beauty of marble stones to have its polished designs with less trouble with etching and price.

This man-made stone has low tolerance against heat, so you need to use hot pads when placing hot items on top of your quartz stone countertops. Likewise, it is not advisable to use quartz for outdoor countertops as it react with UV rays. It tends to discolor when exposed for longer hours under UV rays.


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